Restaurant Charcoal: Our restaurant charcoal is well processed ,screened to a larger grade,burned longer and hotter, with no sparkling or smoking product.

Barbecue Charcoal: One of the great things about using a charcoal barbecue is that great smoky flavor that gets infused into the food. BBQ chips and chunks (or pellets) can add even more flavor to your foods. Many types of wood chips and chunk for smokers are available, and depending on the type you choose, you can easily add different flavors to barbecued meat. 

Mixed or pouring Charcoal: Our pouring or mixed charcoal is a combination of kinds and sizes of charcoal starting from 10mm-250mm above. They comprises of barbecue, restaurant and fingers(Hookah) charcoal.More

Supremus Lucernarium Denebola Lux Aeterna X-Wing on patrol Albireo Outpost Church of Heaven Decampment Hibernaculum

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